The Power of the Individual

In a recent interview with Edge Media (Channel 200 on Sky or  Mike Robinson (UK Column ) touched on the fact that many, many of us are becoming well-informed about the globalist corruption and agenda. He referred to the fact that a number of members of the team had noticed how taxi-drivers are well-versed in the topic – and obviously taxi drivers are in an excellent position to disseminate the news. Imagine how many people one taxi driver can educate!

It is becoming more and more apparent that people have simply had enough of the fat cats getting away with crime and corruption – well how else can you describe the latest revelations about Goldmann Sachs and others who owe the UK taxpayer billions in tax? – while the rest of us are monitored and controlled to an unhealthy degree. It’s becoming too blatant and too unacceptable to be ignored any longer.

We can all play a part in spreading the word. Brian Gerrish has recommended telling two people a day by way of a chance conversation in the post office – or the taxi maybe. It seems likely that as a reader of this blog you are well-informed. Please don’t keep it to yourself. If you wish to make a difference then please disseminate these things.

The following article touches upon the reasons that so many are becoming aware of the agenda and goes on to explain that the individual has power. This is certainly true, but together we have enormous power. No-one’s suggesting you spend the month occupying Athol Street with chill easterly winds howling along. Please do so if you wish but the most powerful thing we can all do is simply say “no” to the globalist agenda, to proposed Orwellian measures to complicity in so-called wars (where in fact we have been the aggressors and this resulted in untold misery for countless children and civilians). 

Why the globalist agenda is backfiring:


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