Resident declares Forvik Crown Dependency – UK unable to prove claims?

The research into the  Crown continues – and very interesting it is too. If  the documentation that validates our present situation were freely available to view there would be no further questions. However, this blog contains numerous references to things that are not as they seem. Further research unfortunately seems to lead to more dubious matters with the result that anyone who can rationalise in an average manner quickly realises that everything must be questioned. The very foundations of our daily lives are no exception. 

Where are the documents relating to our present relationship with the UK? It can’t be dismissed as “too complex” an issue. This goes to the very bones of our legislative process and if we are really a democracy then the votes of the electorate must be based on easily obtainable information otherwise the whole process becomes something verging on a parody of an Agatha Christie novel where the reader is left in the dark until Poirot suddenly produces all the answers based on details that the reader was unaware of.

Just supposing that the Crown really was composed of Rochschild and Co? Could the the island be dependent on The Bankers who are a law unto themselves? Is that what “Crown Dependency” means? 

Interestingly, a gentleman in Forvik, a Shetland isle, is contending that Shetland does not belong to Scotland. Despite “illegal” actions such as not paying road tax no-one has yet contradicted his action. He didn’t stop there. He has contacted the monarch but there has been no response. Although the situation is slightly different in that Stuart Hill has declared Forvik a Crown Dependency the interesting part is that there appears to be lack of documentation……:

The whole of the UK government’s authority in Shetland rests on the assumption that Shetland is part of Scotland. My research over the past 6 years or so into Shetland’s unique history leads me to the inescapable conclusion that it never happened – and that it could never have happened.

If I am right (and so far, nobody has proved me wrong), the implications are simply huge.

  • It means that the UK government never had the right to appropriate Shetland’s seabed and license oil companies to extract the oil.
  • It means they never had the authority to use Shetland’s fisheries as a bargaining chip to enter the EEC.
  • It means that Shetland has been subject to a massive fraud perpetrated at the highest level for hundreds of years.
  • It means that Shetland could not have been incorporated into the UK, let alone the EU.
  • It means that Shetland’s true status is that of a Crown Dependency with the right to make its own laws, raise its own taxes (if necessary) and do all the things that any offshore island can do.

This website gives the evidence to prove all these statements. Watch the videos, or read my talk. Read my correspondence with the Queen, the Lord Chancellor and the Scottish Government. Nobody has the answer – because it never happened!

To test my ideas, a well-wisher gave me a small island (Forvik). I declared it a Crown Dependency and then spent every penny I had – first to design and build a boat to get access, then to build a house. Forvik is now like Shetland in microcosm. Once the lightbulb went off in my head that Forvik represents the true status of Shetland and that the existing authority is actually an illegal regime, it made it easy to answer questions like ‘Is it legal?’ – ”Don’t you need permission?’ and so on. The most significant point is that there has so far been no official challenge to any of my ‘unlawful’ activities. (I stopped paying Income Tax, VAT and Council Tax, built a house without planning permission, put a car on the road with Forvik number plates and tax disc and various other disobedient actions). The counter at the top of the page tells you how long these have been going on without challenge. The authorities have gone to extraordinary lengths to avoid engaging with me because they know they cannot justify their authority here


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