A story for Christmas and New Year: The Isle of the Ancient King. Concluding episode. “We have the power.”

Following the discovery by the residents of the Isle of the Ancient King that they did not live in a democracy, they were unanimous in their demands that something had to be done to ensure politicians followed the wishes of the electorate and stopped following the bidding of an unseen force. They had taken note of how often their wishes had been ignored or simply overruled and this, they decided, could not go on. They suspected some politicians had received NLP through a dubious organisation and that these members were now acting out the command to “lead beyond authority.”

The first thing the islanders did was to make sure as many people as possible knew what was really going on. Those who were awake ensured that others woke up too. They took every opportunity to pass the word on to the rest of the population. This took the form of talking to people while queuing for goods, inviting wide-awake speakers to the island, challenging what politicians were doing and creating alternative media – that was essential as the media were obviously cherry picking what was reported. Sometimes the omissions told a much more important story. The islanders met regularly to report progress and were delighted to discover that their numbers were increasing rapidly. 

They discovered that many, many islanders were well aware of the issues but felt powerless to change things. Once these people realised that others were taking action they wanted to become involved as well. They realised that this was not reacting to conspiracy theories. This was responding to proven ill-deeds and the use of corruption to control things for the benefit of a very small group of ruthless people. Those who woke up realised that what was planned was in fact their duty. They discovered that the people actually have the power – They just need to use it.

The islanders had one particular trick up their sleeves which ensured the return to government by the people, for the people. This successfully destroyed the banker/ pharma control and restored the island to a situation which had been unknown for hundreds of years. The island flourished. The Health Haven was popular with many fleeing the oppression of the health system in their own islands and the organic produce was a delicacy not obtainable in their islands which now grew GM foods. Above all the secure currency inspired investment in the island as many other jurisdictions now lived in fear of collapsing currencies.

The people were no longer at the mercy of the bankers and statutes. Instead they followed Common Law which was fair to all and they introduced a lawful currency to replace the totally corrupt money system which had kept everyone under strict and unfair control. In fact they lived happily ever after.


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