Buy the Steam Packet? Nationalist not a dirty word?

It’s encouraging to hear that the Liberal Vannin party is in favour of more self-sufficiency, particularly in respect of the Steam Packet. Just how did we end up being so dependent on foreign bankers with little interest in the island for the delivery of our daily essentials? Others have suggested that the fleet is too small for our requirements. I would add that the vessels are not suitable for the Irish Sea (IMO).

We can safely assume that the foreign bankers are not running the Steam Packet out of the kindness of their hearts. It stands to reason then that there are profits to be made on this route – despite all the sob stories – otherwise they simply would not be operating it.

If we took over we would have to find the money to buy it but some have suggested that it isn’t worth quite as much as others would have us believe. Once the purchase was achieved we would then be in control of the profits as well. Of course there is upkeep etc to consider but that applies to the present owners as well.

Have you noticed how we are always told that any moves towards self dependency are unrealistic and simply won’t happen? Who says? Prove this is the case. Let’s see the stats. We can see the big boys around the world collapsing left, right and centre. They do not have an answer and we can’t and shouldn’t depend on them. We need to start looking out for ourselves – immediately.

Lawrence Skelly pointed out that ‘Nationalist is not a dirty word’:

Definition: of, pertaining to, or noting a political group advocating or fighting for national independence, a strong national government, etc.

What could be dirty about that? Unless of course others wish to continue pulling the strings….


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