Trained “change agent” spills the beans. The Game Plan, with bibliography.

Change. Obama for change. Tories for change. New Labour for change. How many swallow this shallow slogan as a promise of something better? We may get a modicum of change but basically it’s same old. It seems that the change is a continuous removal of family and spiritual values, as well as obscuring national identity. This is the real change, it seems to me. Conditioning is a part of this.  If we can influence children to accept the collective at an early age this generation will not question things when they reach adulthood. Perhaps this is why those who are really awake aren’t usually the youngest – although there are some wonderful exceptions to that. Those who have been around the block a few times tend to notice what is going on more than those who have been indoctrinated from birth.

How could you achieve this change? Well, change agents are an essential part of this. Their intervention in the education system ensures that children are part of the system from an early age – fewer full-time mums means more opportunity for the state to start early  (Try this for an interesting insight) :

Before you shout “crazy conspiracy theorist” please check out the above link and also read on because what follows will put an end to conspiracy theories – we are talking conspiracies – period.

Charlotte Iserbyte, a well-educated and well-travelled lady, served as Head of Policy at the Department of Education in the first Reagan administration where she became aware of a long-term strategic plan to change the education system to achieve the scientific destruction of minds. She accepted training to gain an insight into what was happening in modern US education. She refers to it as becoming a change agent.

In this high-profile position Charlotte Iserbyte was able to access documentation and files. What she discovered was the Game Plan for the spread of communism to the US – and Europe via the EU.  She found evidence that Reagan and Gorbachev had agreed to merge the Soviet and US education systems. She tackled the president, in a formal letter, about what she had discovered. No response. Further research revealed that regional merging was a part of all this  – loss of identity, especially national identity,  is a major part of the introduction of collectivism, Marxism etc.

This lady, now in her eighth decade, puts the case with the utmost clarity. She provides a bibliography to support her claims. Charlotte Iserbyte has been warning of the dumbing-down of America for years. She explains the conspiracy – for that is what it is –  in a clear, unemotional, no-holds barred fashion. However, the latest videos (below) surpass everything she has done before  – IMO. Oh yes – she also mentions Global Warming brainwashing – this lady knows the score.

Does this affect the Isle of Man? It does if we permit it – and it seems we do. Whatever Big Brother UK advises we adopt, apparently. And if the populace doesn’t like it, then measures can be slipped in the back door (New working Practices?). The answer is simple – say no, don’t allow this stuff to continue. We have to stop accepting collectivism. You didn’t think we had a collectivist agenda? Well, apparently neither do some local journalists. I was amazed today to hear reference on Manx Radio to the “opposition” in the UK. It’s the old two-party trick. It’s magic circle stuff. Divert attention with trivial party politics while managing the entire charade from the driver’s seat. Remember the Greek yachting affair with Nat Rothschild, The Prince of Darkness and George Osborne being introduced to a Russian oligarch? That is the picture in a nutshell.

Do we have information about our ministers’ advisors? Do we have a FOI act? Can we obtain data about courses attended? The island is so opaque it would be a change agent’s dream.

If you still don’t believe the above claims then for goodness’ sake check out the video, check the documentation. There are maybe one or two members in Tynwald who are awake. They need our support. 

Btw. – just a question – does anyone have a detailed description of the new curriculum introduced last year? I’m not suggesting that there is anything undesirable about it – I can’t  – because I haven’t yet managed to obtain a detailed document. Please post a comment if you can help out there.


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