Isle of Man Newspapers endangered by BBC? We need free media.

Richard Butt,  of Isle of Man Newspapers, is concerned about extended BBC coverage of local affairs. He feels it could negatively impact newspaper sales. Undoubtedly, the possibility of more BBC involvement in local news is not to be welcomed. Those who are awake have long abandoned the British Brainwashing Corporation as a source of balanced information. Unfortunately, BBC reports are still given credence by the establishment and those who are unable to think for themselves follow blindly in the belief that this is actually a credible source of information. My father had long sussed out the BBC twenty years ago  – at the time I didn’t take much notice. It is now a source of puzzlement that anyone would actually consult BBC news for reliable information.

However, we must accept that many will log on for their daily brainwashing fix possibly to the detriment of Isle of Man Newspapers. Now, whether we really get balanced reporting from this UK group  – which now prints our newspapers on the adjacent island  – is open to discussion. How many of the issues on this blog do you find there?

Imperfect though some news sources may be we do need to ensure that we retain at least some hold on our news. No doubt we will be reassured that BBC’s news is sourced from local reporters etc., but we know how things work, don’t we? It is in any case difficult to have faith in reporters who believe that the UK party system actually benefits the voters. The opposition! Please, please wake up and realise that the puppeteers rule no matter who is conducting the pantomime in the House.

Access to balanced news is essential and whereas this is presently not the case we surely must do all we can to ensure that the island is able to change this situation.

I have an interesting suggestion for Mr Butt: Ensure that our newspapers are able to report everything – including investigative reporting into our members’ advisers and other issues covered on this blog and I foresee sales going through the roof. On the other hand, continuing with the present editorial situation will only bring the same result.

We need truly independent media. The media are of prime importance to any regime….


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