Publish and be damned. Freedom to flourish.

Expenses are being examined and re-examined everywhere in an effort to cut overheads. The Isle of Man Government is no exception. It seems that gov is moving staff into properties it owns in an effort to save rent – how did the situation arise in the first place? You don’t suppose…. no, of course not.

A further cost-cutting measure to be implemented is the decision to desist from placing ads in the local newspapers with regard to tendering opportunities. Government will instead be using targeted information distribution. Is this a case of one man’s loss etc. or is it win/win? While Isle of Man Newspapers may be losing some income it also means that there is an ever decreasing reason to adapt copy in order to ensure that the main advertiser is not displeased by reports in the local press. Am I suggesting that this has been the case? Don’t you also wonder why so many stories are ignored and why investigative reporting is difficult to find.

So there you have it. Suggestions to improve Isle of Man Newspapers present situation:

  • Tackle the issues that other media miss
  • Disregard any niggling concerns about continuing revenue from government if negative stories are given coverage.
  • Focus on what the public deserves to be informed about
  • Forget the colour supplements and photo galleries

Are the above suggestions likely to be implemented? You know the answer. Try for the other stories. And if you have a story please let us know:


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