Important message. You can make a difference.

It seems we are being primed to accept that things are going to be tougher and that government might not be able to help out. The soundbites are all about being less dependent on government. Sounds ok if government is also taking cuts. In today’s Mannin Line the Chief Minister made it clear that government is making economies. He went on to say that only one or two members made use of the travel expenses which can be claimed (one or two too many) and that members would be contributing to their pensions in the near future. We look forward to these measures being introduced. Level playing field and all that.

We are told it is a time of change. Fantastic! This surely must include making economies in departments which decided to adopt highly expensive new working practices without public approval. While child care on the island remains opaque – for instance how much do UK organisations involved in child care on the island receive for their services and how much of this money remains with us?  – it is essential that government comes clean on what is going on in the department and explains how a change in working practices costing half a million pounds was introduced when other departments were experiencing cutbacks.

CCTV is another item we can manage without, thank you very much. No regeneration scheme is complete without one, it seems. Why were Ramsey lanes targeted as a prime regeneration target? CCTV was of course an integral part of the work. What for? A few pretty paving stones now sporting the usual protective pigeon poo covering once again. Don’t you think this might be more about CCTV installation than regenerating(?) a few alleys?

Message to tptb – no more CCTV. What is the cost of running the present systems? If we are short of money in the pot to help those truly in need then we definitely don’t have financial resources for CCTV. We will be watching closely. Orwellian tactics are simply too expensive. What has all this CCTV cost us so far? Does anyone know?

Be vigilant. Please report any planned local or national expenditures to . Together we can demand change for all. It can’t be austerity measures for the hoi polloi but state of the art spying provisions and new working practices (databases) for others.



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