Have you found media coverage of the very important questions in Tuesday’s Tynwald?

Ask the average person what is most important to them, above all else, and they will probably tell you that it is family and children. That is what it is all about. We want to be sure that families are growing up in a safe environment, in a free and open society. The next topic would probably be money as this is central to our lifestyle and to our family’s wellbeing.

How strange then that our media shows little interest in both these topics. While coverage of various interesting and important questions in today’s Tynwald are to be found on some websites it seems that the exact details of Mr Speaker’s questions are not available  – except on this blog?

You remember the topic, I’m sure. It concerns the lack of transparency in introducing new working practices in the Department of Education and Children – these practices were introduced by the previous minister, by the way. We have also discovered that despite considerable public concern and opposition to the proposed pupil database it was introduced secretly. How much worse can it get? We are aware that in certain cases intervention is necessary to protect children. However, that is a very different matter from organised snooping on all and sundry and the associated costs. And don’t forget that we are told there should be less government.

This site contains links to Christopher Booker’s articles in the Telegraph. His research and published articles in the area of children and family courts in the UK is admirable, and well worth checking out. I could be wrong but in many cases those who are affected appear to be the least able to defend themselves. Please be vocal about what is happening. Support Steve Rodan. Get the message out. Whoever the stasi operatives are they depend on secrecy. You may not be affected by the issues but silence permits further secrecy.

That an entire new working practice costing half a million pounds and the introduction of a SECRET database was possible within our government, without the public’s knowledge and approval is surely a damning confirmation of lack of transparency  and a demonstration of total disregard for the electorate.  How did this happen?  And when will things change? I would suggest that nothing will change until we make our demands clear. We are not the enemy to be deceived and spied upon. We are the people who put the members in their positions. Please be vocal, vociferous and vehement to ensure that further underhand dealings can’t occur.



2 comments on “Have you found media coverage of the very important questions in Tuesday’s Tynwald?

  1. You’re right, the written answers haven’t been published yet in ‘Early Publication’ on the Tynwald website.

    Positive Action Group (PAG)has however put the written answers on its website:- http://bit.ly/AiJK6J

    Click on the article attachment and the answers to questions 15,16 & 17 about the centralised pupil data base are there.

    • Thank you for the link, WRT. Haven’t yet had the opportunity to study it in detail but having quickly scrolled to p29 (the pages prior to that are devoted to consultants – take a look, readers!) we discover that £267,500 was spent on setting up the centralised pupil database system.

      Just a reminder here folks – an MHK told me that the database would not be implemented owing to budgetary constraints. I know of others who were told the same story. So who changed the plan? At a cost of a quarter of a million pounds btw. Some budget cuts had already been implemented at this stage, including loss of jobs in certain departments. How reassuring to know that no expense is spared on spying on the population!

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