Some of us can remember life without constant protection.

I recall how my father, a WWII veteran, reacted with indignation on being informed that wearing seat belts was mandatory. With hindsight I fully understand his reaction. Having been sent to fight and kill total strangers, with whom he had no quarrel, and having been wounded during the process, he discovered that the same ptb wanted to protect him from possible injury by removing his freedom of choice.

Thank goodness he hasn’t had to endure the present removal of rights and freedoms in the interests of “protecting” the population. Does anyone seriously wish to have their freedom so curtailed in order to be safer – not safe of course – because we can never be safe. Road accidents occur all the time. Terrorist attacks occur….not very often. 

Did you notice the latest scare story? MEASLES! Run for the vaccine. Save yourself from this potentially fatal disease being brought to the island from abroad. It may indeed be fatal in a very, very few cases but how many of the innumerable auto immune illnesses that children suffer from, since vaccinations have increased so exponentionally, are also potentially fatal and more prevalent? Diabetes, asthma, allergies etc were rarities in the days when vaccines were few and far between. Whereby measles was a normal childhood illness and everyone I knew recovered from it. Are we trading off natural immunity for safety – endangering our immune reaction in the process? How many children do you know who have some form of chronic illness? A rarity a few decades ago. I’m not talking Dickensian times when lack of hygiene and lack of fresh fruit and vegetables compromised the immune system.  No, the time I’m referring to was just a few decades ago when most children thrived and grew into healthy adults – with little intervention from the state.

Apathy permits the spread  of excessive so-called protective measures. In reality they are restrictions of freedom. What would our forefathers think of this? They sacrificed so much so that we could give it all away and live in a controlled, “safe” environment where we must be protected from every possible threat? Unfortunately, we are not protected from the threat to our freedom –  but only we can put a stop to that.  We can if we have the bottle.

Odds of dying from Measles: 1 in 300,000,000

Odds of a child being in a fatal automobile accident: 1 in 23,000

I don’t have the odds on developing auto immune disease after vaccinations but I know it certainly happened to me.

It’s about control and profits.


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