Do the gullible want to give us a guilt-trip? Unvaccinated are lepers?

Oh how easy it has been to brainwash the younger generations. The self-righteous comments on  about those who appear to have rejected vaccination  are sickening and downright scary IMO. Have the younger generations been successfully brainwashed? It would appear so. Although I know that there are still parents who can think for themselves. Presumably they would be safer keeping their opinions to themselves when public condemnation of opt-out parents is so damning. If some wish to consider the child’s long-term immune health they have a right to do so (at the moment). Those who feel that we should all conform to the vaccine indoctrination should spare a moment to consider the fact that the most highly vaccinated nation – the USA – does not fare well in international health comparisons. Quite apart from the auto-immune issue (please see previous post) some feel there is a correlation between highly vaccinated communities and the incidence of cancer.

The CDC is largely responsible for generating the mass public perception that there is greater harm in not “prophylactically” injecting well over 100 distinct disease-promoting and immune-disruptive substances into the bodies of healthy children. They have been successful in instilling the concept into the masses that Nature failed in her design, and that medical and genetic technologies and interventions can be used to create a superior human being.

In this culture of vaccination, the non-vaccinated child is “inferior,” “dirty,” perhaps even “sub-human” to those who look upon vaccination as the answer to what perfects the human immune system.

How many people have really investigated what is contained in the vaccines and how many have considered whether the assault on babies’ and childrens’ immune systems (in which they have no say) is  not perhaps the truly reprehensible act?


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