Has the media been gagged about the implications of the child database?

Journalists at Manx Radio constantly reassure us that there are no reporting restrictions and that they are not gagged in any way. In fact they all seem to be quite adamant about it and appear to be quite aggrieved if anyone suggests otherwise. If anyone out there can refer me to Manx Radio reports about Steve Rodan’s most important questions in Tynwald I would be very grateful. As yet I have been unable to find any reference to the issue of the secret database (If you are told something won’t happen and then it is done without your knowledge, it is secret –  and arguably underhand) and how this quarter of a million project came about, especially in today’s climate of cutbacks and even job losses. Am I the only person out there who considers this to be of mega importance?

To make this absolutely clear:

  • We were told that the database had been shelved because the public objected and there were also budgetary issues.
  • The entire “new working practices”, of which the database was only a part, apparently involved importing technology and agencies
  • We, the public, the electorate, were not informed of the “new working practices”
  • We were not told why they were necessary
  • Martyn Quayle slipped the request for the necessary half million funding into one of the last Tynwald sessions before the summer recess
  • You are now paying for the surveillance of your family by unknown persons – which you didn’t request and which many of us actively rejected
  • The media (as far as I know – if you have evidence to the contrary please supply and I will give the link suitable prominence) have ignored Mr Rodan’s extremely pertinent questioning of the costs. In the present climate of cutbacks the questions are of utmost importance.

If the media only report on certain questions in Tynwald then that is being selective. I am also selective about topics that appear on the blog – no problems there. There is a limit to the amount of news that can be processed.  However, this is a major story. It concerns money (Very important topic) and secret surveillance by unknown parties (How bad is that?). Your money is being used for purposes which no-one appears to have publicly approved. The question is: Who gave the “new working practices”, costing half a million pounds, the go-ahead?

Don’t you also wonder why the above matters aren’t being prominently reported upon? Could it be that there is a restriction on reporting? Is it possible that this blog is not considered to be media and that is why I haven’t been informed? It’s not under a D notice/DA notice is it? How would we know?


I don’t pretend to be informed about these things but from the above link it is obvious that sometimes the media is gagged.


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