Media silent over secret introduction of £267,500 database?

To clarify:

  1.  Public Consultation 2010 –  there was a public consultation regarding the draft Children Bill (including proposed database of family etc).
  2. 2011 April: Children Bill “scrapped“:  (It must be true, it’s on the BBC)
  3. 2011 July: Martyn Quayle requests £498,000 for new working practices in Department of Social Care, specifically Children and Families. “This work commenced in July 2010 and completed in May 2011…. It included 10 additional staff, improved organisation structure, additional staff training, simplified processes, improved management information and related investment in IT.” 
  4. 2011 October: In Tynwald, Mr Speaker, Steve Rodan began asking for information in support of the case for additional resources for Children and Families Services.
  5. 2011 December: Mr Speaker continues his questioning about additional resources.
  6. 2012 January: Thanks to Steve Rodan’s continued questioning we now learn that a pupil database!!! cost £267,500 to set up.

 The message from the public was clear: No database. The message from government was also clear: It’s been scrapped. So who decided we could afford £267,500 for a database when we are strapped for cash, especially when the public was against it? Above all, why is this database so important to some that it had to be furtively introduced?

Would it be inaccurate to call this deceit, dishonesty and abuse of power? Are Mr Rodan’s questions being followed in the local media? Have we heard outrage over this quite appalling breach of trust? Why not? Is the media gagged?


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