Are our children safe?

What are your memories of your childhood? For most of us, thankfully, they consist of positive recollections of an innocent time. We probably weren’t angels, but children were children in most cases. We lived in a world that, in the main, was happy to allow us to develop at our own different speeds and no-one was in a hurry to see us grow up. There are those of us who can even recall childhood before the dawn of the “information” era. We were certainly warned about speaking to strangers etc and we obvserved these things without either our parents or ourselves becoming paranoid about possible dangers. At the same time, children wore children’s clothes – not sized-down versions of mum’s Friday night gear. Sex education was not started at an early age and juniors were not given Gardasil vaccine (USA).

In many countries today a more traditional lifestyle continues. Children grow up detached from the “protection” that western society claims to provide. Check out documentaries of less westernised or “less developed” countries for comparison. Do we find that the peoples in these countries are suffering needlessly from rampant terrorist attacks, vandalism and paedophiles? Probably  not. It seems that every country has a certain amount of all these things but, thankfully, they do not dominate life anywhere. However, we are being drilled into vigilance. The message seems to be that political correctness, surveillance (for our protection), scans and pat downs, police checks etc. are essential for society to function safely and fairly. Those of us who can still think for ourselves know that this simply isn’t true. Other countries survive without the controls and the paranoia.

In the UK the population is controlled and observed and checked in order to ensure safety! If you believe that you’d believe anything! Unfortunately, it has now become accepted that the state must interfere in almost everything. This extent of “protection” is simply disempowering. It is also noticeable that countries without a dominant English-speaking population tend to develop all the ills we are being “protected” from at a much later stage (It takes a while for all the western influences to be translated).

The fear mindset which western governments – ok I’ll say it like it is  – mostly US government appears to try to instil is frankly sick – IMO. However, the public appears to find nothing wrong with western governments becoming more and more involved in our daily lives. It seems that the US is so totally out of touch with reality that government agencies even suspect small children of being guilty of carrying out sexual crimes: 

The UK is not spared inteference in children’s lives by authorities. There are strange people in every walk of life and we really need to know exactly what is being taught in schools and why. Brian Gerrish’s latest video, from Swansea – the area known for exceptionally high and abnormal suicides in the young – takes a look at the influences children are exposed to.

It seems the meeting caused concern. A large anti National Front demonstration was outside. An obvious attempt to discredit BG by claiming this association. It is simply not true. Brian Gerrish gives talks to all communities  – including Muslims. What do you do if you wish to ensure that people don’t listen to someone? It’s the oldest trick in the book – you attempt to discredit them. Please don’t be fooled by this nonsense. Listen to what he has to say, and then decide.

Are our children safe?


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