The power of RAW cannabis

Dr William L Courtney believes that non-heated cannabis is a vegetable. He refers to it as a “dietary essential.”  There are references to anti-inflammatory effects. Although I have never used cannabis this short video about RAW cannabis almost had me wanting to grow some for dietary purposes – until I realised that this might cause heat-seeking helicopters to be hovering overhead.

If raw cannabis is entirely non-psychoactive then why do we ban a potentially helpful herb? Why indeed?

(Some may fear freaked-out hippies high on heated herbs. But perhaps we should ask ourselves if Amsterdam (with coffee shops) is so unsafe – despite the lack of proliferation of CCTV coverage which the Isle of Man can boast?).


If you haven’t got it – fake it!

So the UN has seemingly attempted to remove all evidence of the ridiculous prediction they made in 2005. Then there was the discredited “hockey stick graph”, the fiddled data, exposed emails and attempts to discredit those who were not a part of the “cause” – who didn’t adhere to the doctrine.

The scandals continued with the revelations that much of the work of the UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change – the supreme champion of the Cause – had not been based on science at all but on scare stories dreamed up by environmental activists.

Christopher Booker

Mr Booker goes on to explain how Dr Peter Gleick was caught out faking documents intended to discredit those who can think beyond propaganda – the anti-warmists. Heartland, those who don’t toe the warmist line, are now threatening legal action  not least against all those journalists who were so eager to believe his hoax that they hadn’t bothered to check their facts.

When the history of the decline and fall of the world’s most damaging scare comes to be written, l’affaire Gleick will only be a brief footnote. But it does suggest how desperate those who wish to keep the scare alive have become.

More importantly, however, it should focus our attention once again on the fact that we are still being presented with by far the biggest bill in history, to counter a threat that never actually existed.

Christopher Booker didn’t come down with the last shower and his article highlights the lengths to which warmists are prepared to go to ensure that the mantra continues to be chanted.

We really don’t need the Rio Convention. Treaties usually involve extra expenditure in the area of personnel and systems required to ensure we are complying. Do we need the Rio Convention or do we need common sense?


What happened to 50,000,000 climate refugees in 2010?

In 2005, the UN predicted there would be fifty million refugees due to Global Warming by the year 2010. Their announcement page is here.

What’s that? That link gives a “page not found”? Hmm, that’s strange. Let’s see if Google has a copy. Yes, here. And also on the Wayback Machine, here [edit: the Wayback Machine doesn’t seem to want to show that page any more]. The map showing the areas to be affected by this catastrophe doesn’t appear in either of the cache’d pages, but the high-res version is still on the original server here. It’s also archived at WUWT (the WUWT link is probably the simplest, the original server wants to send the file as a download rather than display it in the page, and it’s less likely to be “disappeared”).

But why has the page been removed? I believe it might have something to do with this question, asked on the Asian Correspondent website: What happened to the climate refugees?.

Rather than admitting that their predictions were wrong (yet again!) the UN has apparently decided it would be better to pretend they didn’t make the prediction at all.

Meanwhile, they have a new prediction: Coming in 2020: 50 Million Environmental Refugees.

This is how it is with the predictions of gloom and doom from Global Warming. A prediction is made which is far enough into the future and is sufficiently threatening to warrant another few years of grant money. Then, when the prediction doesn’t come to pass, they don’t apologise for their mistake or hand the money back, they just move the date back another ten years and ask for yet more money.

Is anyone else fed up with this rubbish yet?


How many climate refugees are you aware of? This is a massive “mistake” but this kind of disinformation is being used to restrict our freedom and reduce the money in our pocket. And we want to join up to the Rio Convention? Do you?

PS April 2014. Still on the lookout for climate refugees. Discover some links have been changed. Facts remain the same.

Robert Green Campaign – further details

Free Robert Green Campaign – IMPORTANT DATE CHANGE – Now 14th & 15th April

By Roger Hayes – The British Constitution Group –
Please push this out far and wide
Coaches to Aberdeen – FREE ROBERT GREEN campaign.
We are co-ordinating a leaflet raid on Aberdeen… to hand out 250,000 leaflets to every man and women in Aberdeen to expose the establishment and the paedophile network that has orchestrated the phony trial of Robert Green.
We will hand out the same leaflets that Robert handed out – TO MAKE OUR POINT
We will arrange coaches from wherever they are required.
This will be a grueling trip for many… especially from the south coast – but we MUST do this.
The authorities picked Aberdeen – because it is as far away as it is –  deliberately to frustrate his supporters.
Their tactics are about to BACKFIRE SPECTACULARLY… because it will be easier for us to saturate the whole city of Aberdeen (population 200,000 approx) than virtually any other city.
We will describe our event as ‘The Shame of Aberdeen’
We will publish this event to the world’s media
This will shake the establishment to its core.
We will include reports on ‘Where were the BBC’ and ‘Who Killed Dr Kelly’
At the expense of Robert Green’s freedom – the establishment have just scored a spectacular own goal… this will resonate around the world and explode the institutional corruption and extensive paedophile networks that operate everywhere
We need coordinators on the ground to help arrange groups to travel to Aberdeen – hit the streets and SHAME the establishment into investigating this gross miscarriage of justice.
I am proposing the weekend of the 14th and 15th of April.
All those willing to help to co-ordinate coaches – please email Roger Hayes –
Please title your response Free Robert Green Campaign for ease of identifying.
We need printers
We need coaches
We need coordinators
We need webmasters
We need bloggers
We need emailers
Lets do this for Robert… but above all let’s do it for our children and the many victims of this disgusting regime.
Thanking you in anticipation.
Roger Hayes
Chairman . The British Constitution Group.

Half a million on surveillance measures but no money for pre-school?

Half a million earmarked for secret database

Mums were out in force on Tuesday to protest against the closure of pre-school places. That’s understandable. However, savings of many thousands of pounds could be made in the education area.

The department requested an extra half million pounds last year. Did this provide extra teachers, pre-school places, library books? Well, no. Actually the department used this money to introduce a database which includes details of all pupils and which also features automatic triggers which will result in interference in children’s lives. Money well spent?

Extension of database scope possible?

If the database was introduced without public knowledge then surely it is not beyond possibility that the scope of the database could be increased without consulting the public.

Priority – money for secret surveillance, but no money for libraries?

This sum is not the end of things. It will cost at least £44,000 per year to run. How much difference would this sum make to present budgets? While it might not provide all the services we would like it would go a long way to improving matters.

I’m not a mathematician but this comes down to basic values. Did the public ask for the database? Did they know it was to be introduced? What do parents want? They want more money to be spent on education  – not electronic surveillance of every single child.

Money spent on surveillance of your child but nothing left for libraries? Do you really think they have their priorities right?


What is the value of a FOI Act?

What is the value of a FOI Act?

Previous posts demonstrate that a FOI Act is not necessarily a panacea. We can continue to wait in hope – or hopelessly? Or we can be insistent about things. We note that mothers came out in force when they learnt of the education and childcare cuts. Did they know about the quarter million spent on holding data about them and the further quarter million on new working practices?

Possible Course of Action

As a blog reader you are almost certainly well-informed. Help others to obtain the other side of the news stories and get them thinking too.

FOI Yes!….in principle anyway…..

In principle “yes”

Just caught a passing reference to the Chief Minister’s statement on a Freedom of Information Act.  Mr Bell has stated that he is committed to open government and hence – logically – a Freedom of Information Act.

The caveat:

It mustn’t cost too much. 

My take on this:

It could turn out to be a relatively useless piece of legislation (as mentioned in a previous post). If certain enquiries are not possible on cost grounds, and others refused on grounds of retaining privacy, will it be fit for purpose?

Data protection can already be used as a neat dodge if information is to be withheld. Yet, the pubic is open to scrutiny on a daily basis (CCTV).  Google Street was not considered to be an invasion of privacy yet potential thieves can “case the joint” at leisure and view various possible angles of entry. Could an artist sit outside a dwelling without raising alarm?

My view is simply that double standards are in use at all times and we need to ensure that we have more insight into the other side of things. Which means that we need a FOI ACt which is fit for purpose and not a fudged fix. We mustn’t be misled by statements with little content.

Today’s the day! FOI statement.

Can we afford a Freedom of Information Act?

While many are still reacting to aspects of the budget a statement on the Freedom of Information Act will be made this morning. What do you think will be said? It seems likely that we will be told that in the face of the necessary cuts in the education department it would be inappropriate to use funds for (what exactly appears to be so prohibitively expensive?) the introduction of a FOI Act. I hope I’m proved wrong but it just doesn’t seem likely. It would appear to some that this announcement has been cleverly timed to coincide with the unpopular cuts made in pre-school care.

However, there is another side to this: Without a FOI Act we have little insight into how things really work. Were we to be given more insight into government workings perhaps we might well recognise areas where savings are possible without hurting us too much.

Half a million could have been saved with the swipe of a pen

While cuts are made in education and many parents feel very unhappy about the situation, half a million pounds was spent on a pupil database and new working practices (new members of staff included) last year. This was presented as a fait accompli.

Surveillance is costly

How much did we as a nation pay for surveillance measures over the past few years? It is obvious that under the present circumstances the zealous introduction of CCTV will have to stop 🙂

FOI is an essential

We must have more insight into what goes on. We need to know where the money is going and how things are decided.

Will I be proved wrong in my prediction? LOL

Local Agenda 21

Chapter 28 of Agenda 21 specifically calls for each community to formulate its own Local Agenda 21:

“Each local authority should enter into a dialogue with its citizens, local organizations, and private enterprises and adopt ‘a local Agenda 21.’ Through consultation and consensus-building, local authorities would learn from citizens and from local, civic, community, business and industrial organizations and acquire the information needed for formulating the best strategies.” (Agenda 21, Chapter 28, sec 1,3.)

This tactic may sound reasonable until you realize that the dedicated “Stakeholder Group’ that organizes and oversees local transformation is not elected by the public. And the people selected to represent the ‘citizens’ in your community will not present your interests. The chosen ‘partners’, professional staff, and working groups are implementing a new system of governance without asking your opinion.

They probably don’t even want you to know what they are doing until the regulatory framework is well under way. You may read in your local paper about “visioning”, working groups, Total Quality Management, and partnership between churches, welfare and social service agencies, and other community groups. These are clues that, behind the scenes, the plan is moving forward.

It all goes on and on, much further. We all know how these things seem to work: Opaque, controls, restrictions, new admin posts!!! and further erosion of simple everyday freedoms. We already have departments – or perhaps NGOs is more accurate – deciding on ASSIs (Areas of Special Scientific Interest) which could restrict livelihoods. Think Ramsey proposals, which the minister later rejected. These were first discussed in secret meetings. There we go again. Do you honestly think things will improve when we have even more input and directives from faceless and distant persons?

Of course we all endorse environmental protection  – but within the bounds of reason. We need much more information. We can’t simply passively wait to be signed up to something we know nothing about.