Manx Radio job losses while CCTV is essential?

Manx Radio’s subsidy from government is to be reduced and cuts are seemingly inevitable. Most DJs will be freelance, we are told, and certain positions will be axed completely. Let’s hope that this doesn’t become the cue for the BBC to increase its coverage. Newspapers printed in the UK and other media sources BBC controlled? No thank  you.

But we are not talking about millions of pounds. The shortfall is relatively minor in the scheme of the things. After all, half a million for new working practices in a certain department and £400,000 here or there for CCTV, in comparison Manx Radio’s budget shortfall seems like peanuts.

Radio broadcasting and the press are under increasing financial pressure. Were they to be less selective about stories the purveyors of traditional news sources might well note an increase in readers and audience. Have you seen today’s Manx Independent? It’s looking more and more like a UK tabloid. Lacking in real reports and seemingly dumbing down the news stories. Headline today? Samantha Barks’ recent and  praiseworthy success in being selected for the film version of Les Miserables. Of course we are happy for Sam. But is this headline news? 

A short report (it’s a tabloid with small pages) on page seven refers to the loss of police CCTV images, which were  described as “absolutely vital” evidence in a recent court case.  The reason was a “police error.” We are also informed that footage from Douglas Corporation cameras was not available as the cameras were undergoing maintenance. This is not the first time that images have not been available. This might surprise some but CCTV is not there for our benefit. It is for the police and we have no right to demand the footage. Still think it’s such a good idea and a suitable use of dwindling government funds?

What’s the CCTV thing all about? You know the answer to that. Kate Beecroft, please continue with the probing questions which should have been asked long ago.


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