Some interesting research about CCTV….

We now know that jobs are disappearing while four and five figure sums for CCTV never appear to be considered too expensive. We have also discovered that we have no right to the footage even if it could prove innocence in a court of law. It also seems that it is not considered essential when cameras are in need of maintenance.

A website devoted to CCTV raises some very interesting points:

  • The UK is the most spied upon nation in the world – why doesn’t it have the lowest crime rate?
  • Whatever happened to the UK’s common law value of ‘innocent until proven guilty’?
  • Research shows that CCTV simply does not work, so isn’t it just a huge waste of money?
  • Why do the media, police and government portray CCTV as an effective tool?
  • Why has there been no public debate?

Try the FAQs for a different slant on surveillance. Do we really want any more of this expenive and questionable technology, while jobs are disappearing because of lack of funds?:


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