Children on drugs – by order?

Oh how fortunate we are that Big Brother protects us from the raging crime in island streets by way of CCTV that never seems to work when it’s required. And how fortunate that Big Pharma protects us from just about anything if it spells profits for BP. Remember the threat of claim of fluoridation protection? How lucky can you get? Toxins that would require expensive disposal procedures would have wondrously protected our teeth! Then there was the Swine Flu farce  protection that would have cost the world a fortune, and which resulted in Isle of Man representatives travelling to the Washington First World Swine Flu Conference where attendees could learn how to administer mandatory vaccinations.

More recently we have been warned about the MMR threat – once again Big Pharma appears on the scene, that one has to be a real money-maker. But wait we can be further protected – at least our children can be. In the US, where they are really into protection, children are being screened for mental illness.  If they are deemed to be in need of medication, well guess who is there to help? Big Pharma is always ready to help and protect. Big Pharma to the fore, assisting in the provision of psycho pharma to children who previously appeared to be problem-free:

Whistleblower Allen Jones gained international press coverage after uncovering pharmaceutical industry payments to government officials for the purpose of implementing a national mental health screening/psychotropic drug treatment plan. In this video interview Jones describes the pharma funding and psycho/pharma agenda behind mental health “screening” of schoolchildren. He is a former investigator for the Pennsylvania Office of the Inspector General.

Sound familiar? Protection. Lack of choice and freedom, others deciding what’s good for us and then someone making big profits? When will our wonderfully caring state introduce this one? We really don’t need to be cared for every inch of the way. This is state interfering in our lives and is reminiscent of former soviet lifestyles – IMO.


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