CCTV is a nice little earner – and wind generators?

The advantages of CCTV for the Isle of Man (low-crime rate, high detection rate, safe place to live) have yet to be satisfactorily proven. Yet ever more urban areas are covered with them. The cameras appear to spring up like daisies overnight and dominate the street scene. Non-UK visitors regard the degree of surveillance we have adopted with incredulity. Other places function without it. In this island where some still leave the car key in the ignition and house doors open the question has to be asked: Why do we need them?

Quite apart from the ludicrous situation which exists, in that the populace is apparently not trusted one inch while what goes on in government is less than transparent (and still no Freedom of Information Act), there is also the issue of cost. How can anyone defend the costs in comparison to the need? Could it be that someone, somewhere is profiting from the recommendation that CCTV be installed as part of new developments? How could we possibly know?

If the above scenario has the slightest credibility then could the same apply to wind farms? No area of scenic importance complete without them these days? The debate goes on. I’m not convinced of the whole CO2 argument. There are simply too many questions left unanswered and above all the research is far from transparent.

Commenting on an interview with Jonathan Pike, pro-renewables campaigner, James Delingpole states:

So what you’re saying, Jonathan, is that the ONLY reason we’re carpeting some of the world’s most attractive wild countryside in horribly costly, economically inefficient, bird-liquidising, noise-polluting, view-blighting, rare-earth-metal-exploiting, property-debasing, horse-frightening, rent-seekers’ uber-horrors, is to save the odd tonne of CO2 emissions, as and when, despite the fact that the science increasingly suggests that the difference this will make to global climate will be so negligible as to be beyond measurement?

Wind power in Ireland actually produces only 22pc of its capacity: would you spend ¿100,000 on a car if it meant that ¿78,000 of the purchase price was wasted? It gets worse. On a really cold day, we actually need about 5,000 megawatts, but yesterday wind was producing under 50 megawatts: a grand total of 1pc of requirements.

Why the urgency in the creation of wind farms? Can we please have all the facts and figures as well as assurances that no-one in government is profiting from this in any way? Let’s not be rushed into wind farms or signing up to the Rio Convention (aka Agenda 21).  We simply can’t blindly place our trust in all that is hyped as being “green.”  We might well be described as green if we don’t ask questions.

Bottom line: We are under surveillance yet we have few rights to access information from government. More transparency could go a long way to dispelling doubts – if things are squeaky clean.


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