“We” owe the bank millions. And the CCTV component?

We are told that we have enormous loans from the Isle of Man Bank and that the repayments could now cost more. It seems likely that a major part of the sums involved will be associated with housing costs and increasing housing stock seems a perfectly reasonable thing to do.

However, it would be interesting to discover just how much of Ramsey’s thirty-six million pound debt is composed of CCTV costs. As previously mentioned – no simple box cameras there. What on earth did those towering, street-furniture-style lamps cost? They are outstanding in their number, height and Orwellian ugliness IMO. But Ramsey is not alone. CCTV installation has become insidious and cameras really are springing up everywhere it seems. How many cameras are attached to pedestrian crossing lights in thoroughfares? Do we really need this level of expensive monitoring equipment when jobs are disappearing? Who instigated the CCTV mindset – and why?


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