Today’s the day! FOI statement.

Can we afford a Freedom of Information Act?

While many are still reacting to aspects of the budget a statement on the Freedom of Information Act will be made this morning. What do you think will be said? It seems likely that we will be told that in the face of the necessary cuts in the education department it would be inappropriate to use funds for (what exactly appears to be so prohibitively expensive?) the introduction of a FOI Act. I hope I’m proved wrong but it just doesn’t seem likely. It would appear to some that this announcement has been cleverly timed to coincide with the unpopular cuts made in pre-school care.

However, there is another side to this: Without a FOI Act we have little insight into how things really work. Were we to be given more insight into government workings perhaps we might well recognise areas where savings are possible without hurting us too much.

Half a million could have been saved with the swipe of a pen

While cuts are made in education and many parents feel very unhappy about the situation, half a million pounds was spent on a pupil database and new working practices (new members of staff included) last year. This was presented as a fait accompli.

Surveillance is costly

How much did we as a nation pay for surveillance measures over the past few years? It is obvious that under the present circumstances the zealous introduction of CCTV will have to stop 🙂

FOI is an essential

We must have more insight into what goes on. We need to know where the money is going and how things are decided.

Will I be proved wrong in my prediction? LOL


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