Half a million on surveillance measures but no money for pre-school?

Half a million earmarked for secret database

Mums were out in force on Tuesday to protest against the closure of pre-school places. That’s understandable. However, savings of many thousands of pounds could be made in the education area.

The department requested an extra half million pounds last year. Did this provide extra teachers, pre-school places, library books? Well, no. Actually the department used this money to introduce a database which includes details of all pupils and which also features automatic triggers which will result in interference in children’s lives. Money well spent?

Extension of database scope possible?

If the database was introduced without public knowledge then surely it is not beyond possibility that the scope of the database could be increased without consulting the public.

Priority – money for secret surveillance, but no money for libraries?

This sum is not the end of things. It will cost at least £44,000 per year to run. How much difference would this sum make to present budgets? While it might not provide all the services we would like it would go a long way to improving matters.

I’m not a mathematician but this comes down to basic values. Did the public ask for the database? Did they know it was to be introduced? What do parents want? They want more money to be spent on education  – not electronic surveillance of every single child.

Money spent on surveillance of your child but nothing left for libraries? Do you really think they have their priorities right?



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