What happened to 50,000,000 climate refugees in 2010?

In 2005, the UN predicted there would be fifty million refugees due to Global Warming by the year 2010. Their announcement page is here.

What’s that? That link gives a “page not found”? Hmm, that’s strange. Let’s see if Google has a copy. Yes, here. And also on the Wayback Machine, here [edit: the Wayback Machine doesn’t seem to want to show that page any more]. The map showing the areas to be affected by this catastrophe doesn’t appear in either of the cache’d pages, but the high-res version is still on the original server here. It’s also archived at WUWT (the WUWT link is probably the simplest, the original server wants to send the file as a download rather than display it in the page, and it’s less likely to be “disappeared”).

But why has the page been removed? I believe it might have something to do with this question, asked on the Asian Correspondent website: What happened to the climate refugees?.

Rather than admitting that their predictions were wrong (yet again!) the UN has apparently decided it would be better to pretend they didn’t make the prediction at all.

Meanwhile, they have a new prediction: Coming in 2020: 50 Million Environmental Refugees.

This is how it is with the predictions of gloom and doom from Global Warming. A prediction is made which is far enough into the future and is sufficiently threatening to warrant another few years of grant money. Then, when the prediction doesn’t come to pass, they don’t apologise for their mistake or hand the money back, they just move the date back another ten years and ask for yet more money.

Is anyone else fed up with this rubbish yet?



How many climate refugees are you aware of? This is a massive “mistake” but this kind of disinformation is being used to restrict our freedom and reduce the money in our pocket. And we want to join up to the Rio Convention? Do you?

PS April 2014. Still on the lookout for climate refugees. Discover some links have been changed. Facts remain the same.


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