If you haven’t got it – fake it!

So the UN has seemingly attempted to remove all evidence of the ridiculous prediction they made in 2005. Then there was the discredited “hockey stick graph”, the fiddled data, exposed emails and attempts to discredit those who were not a part of the “cause” – who didn’t adhere to the doctrine.

The scandals continued with the revelations that much of the work of the UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change – the supreme champion of the Cause – had not been based on science at all but on scare stories dreamed up by environmental activists.

Christopher Booker


Mr Booker goes on to explain how Dr Peter Gleick was caught out faking documents intended to discredit those who can think beyond propaganda – the anti-warmists. Heartland, those who don’t toe the warmist line, are now threatening legal action  not least against all those journalists who were so eager to believe his hoax that they hadn’t bothered to check their facts.

When the history of the decline and fall of the world’s most damaging scare comes to be written, l’affaire Gleick will only be a brief footnote. But it does suggest how desperate those who wish to keep the scare alive have become.

More importantly, however, it should focus our attention once again on the fact that we are still being presented with by far the biggest bill in history, to counter a threat that never actually existed.

Christopher Booker didn’t come down with the last shower and his article highlights the lengths to which warmists are prepared to go to ensure that the mantra continues to be chanted.

We really don’t need the Rio Convention. Treaties usually involve extra expenditure in the area of personnel and systems required to ensure we are complying. Do we need the Rio Convention or do we need common sense?



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