Watermelons. The Green movement’s true colours.

The world is not split into two types of people: Those who adore pollution – and greens. James Delingpole puts it so well. Yes,  we all like to look after the planet, which is why some of us prefer not to litter otherwise beautiful landscape with bird-destroying pieces of equipment. I don’t know of anyone who is in favour of pollution yet this is the way things are frequently portrayed: You’re either for all the propaganda of the green side of things, or you favour pollution and removal of animal habitats and thus impending extinction of species.

No,  it’s just that some of us refuse to accept everything that the high priests of green – Al Gore et al – would like us to believe. Btw. this man (AG) is so concerned about rising tides that he has built his home right at the edge of the sea. I guess anthropogenic climate change has been a nice little earner though. Shares in windfarms maybe? No, of course not.


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