A tool to query our signing up to the Rio Convention:

Are you 100% behind our signing up to the Rio Convention or would you prefer to have some open discussion of this topic? As previously mentioned, we passively wait while the UK signs up to the convention. How much do any of us know about the Rio Convention? How many connect this with Agenda 21 and all that we have now learnt – and frankly, all that we have yet to learn!

How many of our local Friends of the Earth members and protagonists of the Rio Convention realise (and condone) the far-reaching implications of this move? This is something we all need to know about and it is of concern that there has been very little media coverage of this move. The little coverage we have had has been one-sided to say the least. Excuse me! Aren’t we supposed to be presented with all the information so that we can make a decision?

Unlike certain organisations I am not about to present a few templates representing my opinion to send off to MHKs. Instead below is a template which simply questions the validity, the implications and the premise behind the Rio Convention and Agenda 21. Please feel free to make use of the following document. 🙂

Dear Minister/ (or insert MHK’s name),

I understand that the Convention of Biological Diversity is claimed to be the most important wildlife convention that exists in the world today. I query DAFF’s efforts to join 191 other nations in becoming a signatory to the ‘Rio Convention’ because in order to make this decision we need all relevant information regarding this convention and the associated Agenda 21.

I believe that we have been quite successful in protecting Manx flora and fauna and I am committed to continuing to do so through correct, open and democratic discussion and processes. I believe that a detailed presentation of the full implications and premises of the Rio Convention and Agenda 21 are essential in order to obtain a full picture of what might be involved in our signing up to the Rio Convention.

Best wishes, [your name]

MHKs contact details, emails, telephone numbers can be found here:



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