Deafening silence from “earth protectors” about protecting the earth? Maybe Monsanto has friends somewhere?

2011 was a watershed year, as far as scientific revelations into the nature and extent of the damage associated with glyphosate-based herbicide usage and exposure is concerned. An accumulating body of peer-reviewed and published research now indicates glyphosate may be contributing to several dozen adverse health effects in exposed populations. And as we shall see, human exposure is as universal as is the contamination of our food, air, rain and groundwater with this now ubiquitous chemical.

Why do Greens and FoE show little interest in those who wreck the soil?

If you haven’t yet become convinced of the fact that we need to probe the details of Rio Convention and Agenda 21 a little more then please consider the following:

Why do our “earth protectors”, our Greens, not draw attention to the regular destruction of nature that goes on day in day out, planet-wide? While we are told that our production of carbon dioxide is causing climate change and that we must pay for this and while the Agenda 21 protagonists continue to deliver the message that the wild lands are to be kept free from humans and that humans should live in dwelling silos there is curiously little to be heard about the daily pollution of the earth.

Big Pharma is of course involved in agriculture – big time. Bad enough that we have been conditioned to believe that chemicals are an essential part of farming, but now we have Big Pharma patenting seeds and taking legal action against those who are unfortunate enough to have had the frankenfood drift onto their land.

Where is the outcry? Where is the constant hype? Where are the protestors?

Ever driven past a chemical plant?

Chemical plant as in production plant, that is. Did you have to close the air ducts in the car because of the stench? Or did it smell wonderfully natural and wholesome to you? Do you really feel that a product manufactured there would enhance your food? I’m guessing the answer is “no”. Yet chemicals are a major part of standard agriculture. And what effect does this have on the planet?

Glyphosate is now contaminating vast subterranean stretches of groundwater in areas directly and indirectly exposed to the application of this agrichemical; a finding that runs contrary to manufacturer’s claims that glyphosate is readily “biodegradable” and even “makes the soil cleaner,” which it does not. Moreover, one 2011 study found glyphosate in 60-100% of all US air and rain samples tested, indicating that glyphosate pollution and exposure is now omnipresent in the regions within which it is applied.

Aren’t we being conned somewhere? Save the planet – but don’t worry about the soil and the knock-on effect on the environment? Something there doesn’t seem to sit quite right.



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