Planning relaxation approved by former anti-development nationalist?

It seems that others also fear the implications of proposed planning changes. As some of the letter writers in this week’s Examiner have special knowledge of the subject it would seem that apprehension about the proposals is justified. We are given a few snippets of the proposals which appear to be open to interpretation. After all these years of protecting the environment we get ourselves hitched up to a dubious environmental treaty and then go on to excuse rampant and ill-considered development as being necessary for the economy and even go so far as to suggest that development can be environmentally advantageous!

Something is very, very wrong. Where do these ideas emanate from? Surely they can’t have originated from our Chief Minister, erstwhile nationalist and defender of the island’s undeveloped land? Truly ironic.

Mr Teare also previously reassured constituents that their strongly held views on this topic would be passed on to Mr Bell. Can you hear any opposition to these proposals from our Treasury Minister folks?. Sadly revealing?


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