Stephen Johnson of Sovereign Independent explores the climate change issues which are seldom discussed, “climate change is a real issue”, the “advisory board” which will oversee things etc. We face similar issues here. It seems that our masters declare anthropogenic climate change to be a reality and then decide that we will toe the line – although no-one has the slightest inkling of future costs involved in doing so.

Who would wish to spoil our environment? No-one. The jury on anthropogenic (man-made) global warming is still out. The point is that signing up to treaties, linking ourselves into systems of which we know very little etc. doesn’t seem a very intelligent thing to do.

Some can still think for themselves. Others can be easily indoctrinated, it appears. Thank goodness for those writers who exercise their grey matter:Thanks to the Sovereign Independent  for the following:

Some Musings on the Resurrection of the Climate Change Bill – And the Possible Inclusion of a Trojan Horse (Colour To Be Decided)

By Stephen Johnson –


What follows is my opinion. You are welcome to yours.

I have no affiliation to any political party.

I do have a science background.


It was only wishful thinking to believe that when the baggage labelled ‘Climate Change Bill’ was jettisoned from the sinking ship ‘Fianna Fàil’ back in 2011 that it would be consigned to the depths of oblivion.

FF are servants to the EU and therefore must get back on the ‘consensus’ bandwagon.

Niall Collins posted this on the Fianna Fàil website on 02/12/11:

“What we need is a balanced approach to climate change, addressing the real concerns of the business and farming communities. Many people are concerned about a lack of leadership from the Government in developing and implementing a climate change policy.  We all know this is a real issue.  Flooding, heavy snow and cold snaps don’t just happen every 50 or 100 years, they are becoming yearly events.”

“The Programme for Government states: “We will publish a climate change bill which will provide certainty surrounding government policy and provide a clear pathway fro (sic) emission reductions, in line with negotiated targets”.  Minister Hogan has shown no interest in this pledge since he was appointed, and has done nothing but kick it further and further down the road.” 

“We cannot simply dismiss the very real environmental concerns outright and denying the impact of climate change on our domestic economy.  I am again calling on Minister Hogan to prioritise this matter and commit to publishing a Climate Change Bill in the near future.”

So, Niall tells us that “we all know this is a real issue”. Well I for one question whether it is a real issue. I’ve just checked on Niall’s credentials. He’s an accountant, so forgive me if I listen to him as a politician, with an agenda, rather than some expert on ‘global warming’, which has now morphed into the catch-all phrase ‘Climate Change’.

As an accountant, Niall should know that this country is in a financial mire. Therefore the last thing the Irish citizen needs are carbon taxes and good money thrown after bad on wind farms and interconnectors to the UK, selling the lie that somehow we will make a load of money flogging surplus ‘green’ electrons to our old enemies, and creating ‘green’ jobs (presumably as a substitute for the ones we were supposed to get through a Lisbon Treaty ‘YES’ vote).

Using Niall’s own words again –

We cannot simply dismiss the very real environmental concerns outright and denying the impact of climate change on our domestic economy”

So, Niall (with your accountant’s hat on) maybe you could point me in the direction of the ‘cost/benefit analysis’ that your party has carried out on the subject. What will be the effects on our economy (vis-à-vis climate change) if

  1. We do nothing?
  2. We do something?

Just for the record, assuming we cut down our CO2 emissions as per EU requirements, what will be the effects on World/Irish climate? Will there be a reduction in flooding, heavy snow and cold snaps that you are so concerned about?

If not, will we be able to apply for a rebate?

You expect the Irish citizen to enter a contract with government and hand over money in some form to mitigate ‘climate change’. If that money doesn’t give the results i.e. Old Irish Weather, will there be a form that we can fill in to get our money back?

Anyway Niall, you will be pleased to know that the other EU-loving party that is presently in power has been listening to you.

Not only is Phil Hogan resurrecting the Bill just for you Niall, he’s allowing the Irish citizen to have an input, see:

Unfortunately there aren’t many tick boxes for us sceptics (not a ‘denier’ – I believe CO2 is a greenhouse gas and probably has a measurable effect on global temperature. Just don’t believe it is catastrophic).

By page 18 there is some scope for dissent, but two pages on and we find –

52. Establishment of an Advisory Body

Now, I’ve only just cottoned on to the fact, according to this document, that “such an Advisory Body has been included in every Bill presented on the subject in Ireland”.

On the face of it, this may seem like a good thing. After all, I’ve just been sounding off about accountants regurgitating the EU’s agenda on climate change.

The issue is, “who will be in this ‘Body’ and what powers will they have?”

These issues are addressed within the questionnaire. Without labouring the point, I urge anyone who has the remotest interest in the subject to make their views known by going to the website and trawling through the tick boxes.

If you can’t be bothered, don’t be surprised if one day you find that our government has handed over the decision making to a group of unelected representatives who may, or may not have, their own (green) agenda.


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