Making a mint out of monitoring the masses?

Convince the people that they need CCTV and then you have the possibility to make a fortune out of it – even though it is totally inappropriate in certain areas and questionable in any case, in that CCTV appears to be used selectively. If it is not essential, desirable or of use to the general public then maybe it could be argued that its ubiquitous status in the British Isles (Why here?) has another reason. Recommendations are being passed down the line from somewhere. If there is no evidence to support the necessity of surveillance equipment then it seems reasonable to assume that the bottom line is profit. Ah, but everyone feels so much safer because it is now an accepted part of Orwellian Britain. Conditioning?

Why don’t the Israelis use full body scanners?

Simples! They are ineffective and extremely expensive. Just as GB is addicted to CCTV so is the US hooked on back scatter scanners. Full body scans are an accepted part of the airport scene in the US. No escaping it either. The alternative is a very intrusive intensive pat down which involves hands down trousers. I kid you not! The Brits would not tolerate that one, I suspect. However, the US agencies have managed to impose this unbelievable intrusion on passengers throughout the States but evidence has now come to light that demonstrates that this excruciatingly expensive equipment is not fit for purpose. http://tsaoutofourpants.wordpress.com/2012/03/06/1b-of-nude-body-scanners-made-worthless-by-blog-how-anyone-can-get-anything-past-the-tsas-nude-body-scanners/ In other words – a waste of money. The Israelis know this. So how was it introduced into the US and at what cost? Well, Michael Chertoff “the cheerleader for the full body scanner lobby” had business connections with Rapiscan – producers of full body scanners……

Now just suppose you had a financial interest in wind farms…….

We cannot accept what we are told. We need to know where these recommendations are coming from.


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