Pre-school, French lessons, libraries too expensive but surveillance is affordable

We await further news of the planned open public meetings with ministers. The previous post contained a few suggestions for questions to be asked. However, many mothers and fathers might well give precedence to questions regarding the pre-school and library cuts and other reductions in the services previously offered by the department.

Money for surveillance but not for education and children?

It’s difficult to understand why the department decided that half a million pounds on an unwanted database and surveillance system required no discussion and was presented as a fait accompli, although it seems we don’t have sufficient funds to supply basic services.

It doesn’t stop there

The system costs £40,000 a year to run, we have been told. Has anyone discussed the abolition of the database and associated surveillance in an effort to make ends meet? Wouldn’t you think that education should have priority? Why was the database introduced although the public consultation made it clear that the public did not want it? Who decided to introduce this costly system and why was the removal of these measures not the very first cut to be made? These questions demand an answer but the most important part of the question is who instigated this system and why?This betrayal of the public cannot continue to be ignored.

We need to know how the system works.


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