Man-Made Global Warming claims based on junk science?

Many respected scientists tell us that Anthropogenic Global Warming has not been proven, far from it. In the following video they explain how myopic the research has been and how this has led to very questionable conclusions.

Bearing in mind that this claim is having far-reaching global effects as more and more restrictions are put into place in order to avert the supposed impending disaster of a warmer world it is surely essential that the claims are shown to be one hundred per cent correct. After all the highly questionable claim has resulted in the production of Agenda 21.

The do-gooders and the gullible have been ensuring that the Isle of Man doesn’t miss out on its share of restrictions and resulting financial constrictions. Gee thanks guys. Where was the open discussion? Of course, I forgot. A little buzz word dropping… international treaties, saving the environment, UN etc, etc,.. and it seems that our politicians are raring to sign on the dotted line. They have no doubt been told that this is essential and that countries which don’t comply will not have such a smooth passage in international affairs etc. After all this is the right thing to do. No. If the fundamental claim is based on junk science this is a massive mistake and those perpetrating it should be held to account for what is likely to follow. You almost certainly won’t like it.

In the latest 60 page document to be produced we hear of a call for a complete overhaul of how the world’s food and water are created and distributed — something the report says is “urgently needed” for the human race to keep feeding and hydrating itself safely. 

Friends of the Earth not interested in the earth?

The earth savers still seem reticent about saving our earth. Monsanto rules ok?  Why don’t the Isle of Man Friends of the Earth ever mention the liberal use of chemicals in today’s farming? The threat of GM receives no mention either. Surely the soil and the environment are essential to protecting the planet? It seems it’s all about restrictions but where are the calls for restrictions on the real polluters? GM, toxic chemicals, the possible effects on wild life? Where is the outcry? I would suggest that the AGW claim has very successfully manipulated well-meaning people who truly wish to protect nature. But why don’t they do just that? Starting at grass roots.


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