It is known that Porton Down in the UK has been involved in spraying the countryside, and hence the population, in the past. This is easily verifiable. They have also stated that there could be no guarantees that they would definitely refrain from doing so in the future. Klartext: Brits were sprayed in the past and they might be sprayed again – or indeed they could be the victims of spraying at this very moment.

The obvious questions: Why? Who gave them permission to do so? The first question is addressed (not necessarily answered) in the video below. It’s BBC so you can believe every word :O According to the report the British Government was so concerned about the possiblity of germ warfare in the 1960s that they decided to test the population’s vulnerability by spraying a form of e-coli. Nice. Did they ask those affected whether they would like to take part in the trial? No.

This is not the most recent footage so presumably everyone went back to sleep. Where was the outcry? My point is that we are still given little choice about so many things. While it remains illegal to grow GM crops on the Isle of Man – and long may that be the case – we cannot prevent GM seeds from being dispersed here. GM food is not natural. GM seeds cannot be contained. There is speculation that it could be affecting bee colonies. Has anyone researched that one? No public consultation, however, these seeds are in use worldwide. Like it or not.

As for spraying, there are those who suggest that we are presently being sprayed. Whatever the reasons for these things there is just one issue: Did we permit others to spray us or experiment with us?


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