Don’t you just love to hear some common sense in the wind farm arena? Sadly the common sense isn’t coming from the Isle of Man, but from James Delingpole – again. Thank you JD. As usual it appears that the Isle of Man is swallowing the spin. Just like we swallowed the spin about CCTV  – in a very low crime jurisdiction. Yes, please. The answer not “if” but “how many can we have”? It’s de rigeur in the UK so we have to have a piece of that it seems. Now we’re into wind farms. Onshore of course. The latest must have? Proving how environmentally considerate we are? Or are we proving that we can’t see further than the end of our noses? That we swallow everything hook, line and sinker? Who on earth are these advisors??

Millions, billions spent on body scanners in the US, endorsed by Chertoff, who had a clear interest in body scanner production. CCTV blatantly and expensively unnecessary (someone is making a killing!) and now wind farms. Hardly state of the art energy production. Yet no former picturesque setting is now complete without them. Cui bono? Or as JD puts it:

One thing is certain: the arguments against wind farms are so abundant and well-known that ignorance is no longer a plausible excuse. If you’re involved in the wind farm industry, you’re a weapons-grade tosser, simple as that.


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