The dosh for libraries, pre-school etc has run out.

Chief Minister we really do understand that economies are necessary. No-one would argue that point. However, the issue is how the economies are made. We are told that we simply can’t have all the things we have become accustomed to  – libraries, pre-school and help for those with addiction problems.

Yet we can afford half a million on a secret pupil database and forty thousand per annum to run it?

We find that the department spent half a million on a secretive (no one told us) pupil database and monitoring procedures last year – adopted from you-know-where. By you-know-who? The yearly running costs are said to be £40,000. 

No help for addicts. Observe them and prosecute them instead.

Mrs Beecroft has tabled questions regarding the use of £90,000 of public funds for CCTV. Does this use fulfil the criteria necessary to access the funds? It sounds as if assistance with addiction might be a more appropriate use.

Nobody’s disputing the fact that the Isle of Man must make financial cuts. The question is whether the austerity measures make sense. Or is someone making a mint out of monitoring us?

PS There are further questions on Tuesday about the future of a recently purchased library vehicle. How Orwellian does it get? We can spend on spying and surveillance but no money for access to books. Oh yes. Another question pursues what will happen to the book stock. You don’t suppose they’re looking for fuel for the incinerator  energy from waste plant do you? Spooky.


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