No x-ray, no flights?

For how long has it been known that the Isle of Man requires  new baggage handling facilities at Ronaldsway? To outsiders this appears to be yet another rush job of hurrying through expensive measures, leaving no time for further investigation or queries. It seems we could lose our status as a UK domestic airport if we don’t toe the line.

Anyone for shares in luggage x-ray equipment?

Those of us with no special knowledge of the procedures and regulations involved might query if more time to look into matters would not have permitted further investigation.  The installation of security equipment appears to have become another racket.

How do we cope with extreme danger?

Last year I watched the charade in John Lennon Airport where those waiting for the return of their x-rayed luggage were queuing up and choking up the entire security area while seemingly over-diligent workers removed this and that for further scrutiny and passengers stood barefoot waiting for shoes to be returned. It struck me as complete nonsense. Except  of course it wasn’t. It’s a money-maker. You convince the gullible that this procedure is essential and there you go –  kerching. I asked a passenger next to me how many alerts they have had there over the last few years. She told me it was safer to do this. How many people help us cross the road safely??? A truly high-risk activity. Let’s get real.

Those involved in the absurd scene did so with earnest demeanour. At what point does it become obvious that we are behaving in a totally ridiculous manner? Below is an example of the farcical and inappropriate measures we are taking:

But it could be worse – the next urgent demand could be full body scanners. Kerching.


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