Legislation and increasing controls

It all appears to come back to the same issues: UK legislation being slavishly copied, the politburo ptb becoming less and less accountable (EU legislation, remember?), and a very low crime rate jurisdiction ratcheting up security and surveillance to paranoid levels. And some see nothing wrong? Well, as it happens more and more people feel that there is a charade going on but many feel disempowered. If we feel disempowered now – wait till these measures really take effect!

A few more examples:

  • Today’s Examiner confirms that we have the lowest crime rate in thirty years.
  • Yet we “need” an overhaul of criminal justice procedures
  • Possibility of Smart phones issued to Manx police (Cui Bono?)
  • Yet lack of funding for basic educational needs
  • Yet half a million spent on pupil parent database last year
  • Running costs of £40,000 p.a. of above database and monitoring
  • Road users frequent casualties in comparison to –
  • A fortune spent on arguably unnecessary security measures

Spending squillions on OTT security

It all comes down to balance and being reasonable. Do we check all vehicles every time we use the road? Do we check all pedestrians for signs of sight problems, dementia etc.? No. We accept  our limits. We take a very genuine risk every time we use the road. Yet we can’t venture into an aircraft without removing shoes, belts, jackets and having our personal belongings scrutinised and then we could even end up being groped. These procedures do appear to condition some of us into accepting intrusive controls. Especially when these controls involve the  mandatory installation of expensive equipment.  Yet it seems security compliant passengers  curiously have no qualms about using the road on a daily basis. How many potential terrorists have been apprehended? Zilch?


Island nation now police state following legislation “tidy up”?

Money and profits – and control. What happens if we do nothing about this Bill? It’s being portrayed as essential tidying up of legislation. Well we have an example of another island nation that seems to have let security legislation get out of control. Islands of sheep rearers. A place that rarely hit the news. Not really a high crime rate jurisdiction. Yet it has also recently had legislation tidied up:

New Zealand = police state


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