Legislation comes from UK and ultimately EU

There’s a pattern to this, isn’t there? We note how we are tidying up some old ambiguous terminology in the Manx legal system and then discover that the Bill contains measures adopted elsewhere.  It is EU/UK legislation-friendly. How friendly is it towards the residents of the Isle of Man? Nothing new. We have it straight from the horse’s mouth that we copy and paste legislation from the UK. Where does most of the UK legislation emanate from? The EU. After all the UK is harmonising with the EU in the same way that we are harmonising with the UK’s laws. In other words – we seem to be adopting EU legislation.

Who are the bigwigs with no roof over their heads?

Another Bill presently in the consultation stage is Planning and the Economy. We have been provided with a rather vague statement with regard to interpretation of this Bill. It has been impressed upon us that times are hard and that we cannot let planning controls stand in the way of business development. It has also been suggested that we cannot attract a certain calibre of investor if we don’t allow them more freedom to build large houses. A dicky bird told me that there is no longstanding demand for enormous houses on the island. The estate agents are not turning away droves of billionaire homeless. Is it perhaps a case of one or two particular people who won’t move here until things change? Just a thought.

Straight steal from the UK? Nimbyism optional?

Anyway, the message is that we must abandon our planning preciousness and permit development in places others can’t reach. Guess what? There is nothing new under the sun:

The Guardian revelations leave the chancellor, George Osborne, and Eric Pickles and his ministers in the Department for Communities and Local Government accused of “breathtaking hypocrisy” for saying major changes to planning laws are vital to boost economic growth and ease the shortage of homes, while fighting such developments in their own backyards.

There you go. Same old. And same old nimbyism to boot. To an average voter it appears that we copy and paste Westminster legislation for all we’re worth. Do we have a choice? What do you think?


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