Hurray for Maryanne Godboldo who recently received a Citizens Commission on Human Rights award for her bravery and utter conviction in following the path she knew to be right. Faced with forceful state intervention to remove her daughter from the family home in order that she be forcefully administered medication Maryanne continued her crusade to allow parents the right to decide what is best for their children.

Her opponent was the Therapeutic State, described by a leading psychiatrist as  

The marriage between government and psychiatry for social control…The therapeutic state uses force in the name of help

Every man, woman and child is entitled to the fundamental human rights set forth in this Mental Health Declaration of Human Rights, regardless of race, political ideology, religious, cultural or social beliefs. Given the fact that there are virtually no human or civil rights granted to those psychiatry deems mentally ill, that there are no medical or scientific tests to conclusively prove anyone is mentally ill, and that no guidelines exist to protect citizens from abuses being committed under the guise of mental health, thus allowing violations of their fundamental human rights, it is vital that the following rights be recognized and that all countries adopt this Declaration. A. The right to full informed consent, including:

  •  1. The scientific/medical test confirming any alleged diagnoses of psychiatric disorder and the right to refute any psychiatric diagnoses of mental “illness” that cannot be medically confirmed.
  •  2. Full disclosure of all documented risks of any proposed drug or mental “treatment.”
  • 3. The right to be informed of all available medical treatments which do not involve the administration of a psychiatric drug or treatment.
  • 4. The right to refuse any treatment the patient considers harmful. B. No person shall be forced to undergo any psychiatric or psychological treatment against his or her will.



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