Services or spying and surveillance?

While schoolchildren find the size of their midday meals reduced  – to reduce costs – and public services suffer cuts, the British government feels that spending a fortune on surveillance can be justified. Why? Are we really so endangered that we require such a high level of intrusion in order to survive? Of course not. It’s same old. Making profits and controlling at the same time. The proposal is to install black boxes with local ISPs in order to obtain data (as opposed to content, which is already available):

They open up all the packets of internet communications streams and read them to identify which services you are using. If communications are being sent to a third party provider, e.g. a social networking site, the boxes will dig deeper and find out what the user is doing there. If there is a chat session in progress, the boxes will record who is speaking to who. Black boxes placed at key points in each communications network monitor all traffic so that people and their communications can be identified and opened up accordingly.


Isle of Man rejects surveillance as unnecessary expense?

Of course this wouldn’t affect the Manx, would it? We know how our politicians always behave rationally and reject excessive and unnecessary surveillance measures like CCTV – not.  It seems that what emanates from Whitehall will be adopted – openly or otherwise. In any case the UK/IOM telecommunications issue is not exactly clear

Some of us believe that this proposed legislation is simply an attempt to gain permission for what already happens. We are all under surveillance. It’s likely that your phone will be tapped and emails hacked if it becomes known that you don’t adhere to the mainstream propaganda. Likewise, you may be tailed on dark nights if you question the politburo ptb.

We might question the fact that a supposedly democratic society is so sensitive about scrutiny. Many of us are critical of actions taken without our permision but some feel it inadvisable to query things. That surely says it all! I don’t believe that we live in a democracy but questioning what goes on is still (technically) permitted. Stop the rot. Say ‘no’ to surveillance of law-biding people. It’s going on right now and will be extended. Make your views known.

PS If you believe in “Nothing to hide, nothing to fear” then please just look at what happened in East Germany in the middle of the last century. The people were being “protected”  by placing every aspect of their lives  under surveillance. The system didn’t happen overnight. Everything was already in place when the wall went up.


2 comments on “DISSENT PERMITTED?

    • Am sure any system is open to abuse, but at least Ballymoney is a little more transparent about things. Nevertheless, the money spent here on CCTV in a “low-crime, high detection rate jurisdiction” is totally disporportionate. How on earth do they keep the coffee shops in Amsterdam under control without our level of surveillance?

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