Carbon Tax – coming to a town near you?

On July 1, 2012, the Australian Government will introduce a Globalist-backed carbon tax. The carbon tax will begin at a fixed price of $23 per tonne of carbon dioxide emitted into the atmosphere.

Cloaked by the lies and deception of the science that has persuaded the Australian Government that climate change is real, the Globalists have now began to change the fundamental structure of the booming Australian economy. The real cost of a carbon tax on the Australian economy and how it will affect Australian families directly was hidden by the Globalists and the Australian Government when they were selling the carbon tax to the Australian public. Now that Australia is about to introduce a Globalist carbon tax, Australian businesses have begun to change the way they do business in Australia and this is now impacting ordinary Australians.

The article contains further unrealistic scare story predictions.



  1. there does seem to be a case that peak oil is a con. I would like to point to the evidence but it seems to disappear from the internet when it gets posted from time to time.

    However back in the 1970s we were meant to have already peaked and then completely run out in the year 2000 but we seem to still be on the up.

    Whatever happened to the 50 million climate refugees who were meant to be displaced as a result of climate change?

    • Have also read references to the peak oil con – and there is some oral (video) evidence I think. The scare stories continue yet even NASA scientists see little proof to support the CO2 hypothesis. However, all these tales are great for keeping people under control and and keep them shelling out money to ‘save the earth’.

      Saving the earth apparently does not seem to include stopping frankenfood fruit and veg, phophates which leach into the water – I know of a local child who receives treatment for an immune disorder seemingly related to phophate overload – nor does it seem to include the protection of bee colonies, or birds which become mangled in wind turbines. It’s about cash and control I’d say.

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