Where’s the news?

The current state of Isle of Man media is lamentable. With radio stations parroting government press releases and few indications of investigative journalism, to some it seems reminiscent of soviet times. Of course we could have the press to fall back on if only Johnston Press wasn’t so busy trying to sell us pages and pages of colour supplement which few have any interest in reading.

Lack of space means lack of news?

Some might recall that Johnston Press reassured us that the tabloid format would not result in any real changes to the Examiner. Did you see today’s edition? As is frequently the case the front page was dominated by a court story/ human interest story of a drug dealer’s sentence. Tabloid format and relatively large headlines together with adverts and photos leave little room for real reportage anyway. Where is the reporting of what is going on in Tynwald and the corridors of power advisors ? These things really touch our lives unlike the details of court cases and sentencing which surely, in the most part, belong somewhere around page nine. It seems like the same old dumbing down and sensationalism which the UK media excels at.

Bring on the news. If you can find it

Today we learn that members of the local editorial team are also facing redundancy. Realistically, how much real news can we hope for from this UK publication? Our only hope now is new media, social networking and independent online news sources. Please send any verifiable stories to manxasthehills@gmail.com Confidentiality assured.


2 comments on “WHERE IS THE REAL NEWS?

  1. Of course real media and real blogspots which is why this blog is so important, well done and keep up the good work.

    If you had a real scandal to break, nobody in their right mind would go to the police, Manx Radio or the Isle of Man Newspapers so there MUST be an alternative to these career conscious charlies.

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