Fracking caused Blackpool earthquake.

Is that a surprise to learn that Blackpool isn’t a natural earthquake area? Hardly. Now we have the proof:

What is Fracking?

Hydraulic Fracturing is a method used to extract natural gas from shale rock formations in which it is trapped.

Engineers drill a hole deep into the rock where the gas is trapped, and then inject a mixture of sand, water and chemicals into the hole at an extremely high pressure.

This causes the rock to split, releasing the gas into the well so that it can be brought up to the surface.

The procedure is yet another wonderfully nature-protective import from the US. Previous reports on this site show how some Americans can set light to their tap water. Those near fracking sites also complain of sudden onset debilitating illness. The corporations insist that all is well.

Well, the US has things under control, as usual:

A new Pennsylvania law endangers public health by forbidding health care professionals from sharing information they learn about certain chemicals and procedures used in high volume horizontal hydraulic fracturing. The procedure is commonly known as fracking.

How many of us would happily see healthy people turned into invalids and know that their water supply must be unhealthy and simply ensure that word doesn’t get out?  Psychopaths maybe?


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