James Delingpole’s recent article on global warming is as always, a breath of fresh air. Very fresh, in fact. It seems we face global cooling if David Archibald’s calculations are correct:

If his analysis of declining sunspot activity is correct, then global mean temperatures are going to decline by about 2 degrees C by 2040 – completely undoing all that lovely beneficial (but rather meagre 0.8 degrees C) global warming we have experienced in the last 150 years.

It will mean longer, colder winters and cooler summers. But far worse than the discomfort will be the effect it has on grain production. The shift in latitudes at which corn and wheat can be grown will be the equivalent of losing a belt 300 kilometres wide all around the world, leading to the loss perhaps 400 million tonnes per annum of grain. The result will be rising food prices, grain shortages – and a 50 per cent likelihood of the kind of volcanic-influenced disaster that led to the horrors of the 1816 Year Without A Summer, precipitating crop failures, weird Turner sunsets, and 200,000 deaths in Europe alone. Still there will be at least one consolation. Phil Jones, Michael Mann, James Hansen and Al Gore will all, most likely, still be around to see their entire religious belief system collapsing around their ears.

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No, I can’t guarantee that this prophecy is more accurate than Al Gore’s – but that’s the point. As yet David Archibald hasn’t begun a cult religion of earth adoration which affects everyone in the entire world through taxation and restrictions.

PS I’m just not feeling the benefit of this global warming at present. Excuse me while I throw another log in the stove…



  1. Oh, bugger I was looking forward to it being a bit warmer. Does this mean we can burn more CO2 now without being taxed into poverty?

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