Just imagine if you can convince the world that your products are essential and any claims to the contrary are wrong. Governments then assist you to increase your profits. The use of your products becomes a necessary and accepted practice. Querying the dogma becomes akin to heresy. That’s a business we would all like a share of. Could it be that those unable to defend themselves are being used to achieve certain aims?

Natural Health News — An Italian court has ruled there is a link between the MMR vaccine and autism.

In what may be a ground-breaking decision, the Italian Court of Rimini has ruled that causation between an MMR vaccine and the resulting autism in a young child “has been established.”


Parents need all relevant information to make decisions on vaccines and medication. It is necessary to look further afield to obtain this. The ptb provide us with selected info.

Fluoridation of water is surely  the most ridiculous suggestion. There are hardly any European countries which add fluoride to water (just parts of UK and Eire). Yet, we were assured that it was the most effective way to counter caries. Are all the other dentists and governments wrong then? Apparently not, because there has been no caries epidemic in the opt-out countries.

So why would our trusted health service and government wish to impose this on us? Could it be that some are simply repeating what they believe to be correct information? Where can medical staff obtain truly objective information?

Mr Robertshaw seems content that the phenomenal increase in Ritalin prescriptions is just fine and that everything is well-regulated. It is perhaps easy to place total confidence in certain information if you are not given sufficient objective information.

Imagine for a moment that you are forcibly administered psychopharma and there is nothing you can do about it. Others feel they know what is best for you. You are powerless to change things despite the fact that you are aware of a change in consciousness which you do not like. Surely this is not dissimilar to what is  is happening to an ever-increasing amount of children.

Parents please question what you are being advised to do. I did and I have never regretted it.



Following the Ritalin revelations – which don’t appear to have been covered by local media – there is a glaring question. Why has this happened? Are we really seeing three times the amount of ADHD children? Is there a new culture of prescribe-and-keep-parents- happy? Or is Ritalin being used off-label for some purpose? Klartext: Prescribing more frequently than before.  Three times the amount of children on psychopharma in a period of five years and no-one finds it strange?

Did we hear the minister suggesting we should look for reasons? Isn’t it strange that the medical profession appears to love to have us all pill-popping and fully vaccinated with whatever the latest wonder vaccine happens to be yet seldom, if ever, suggests how we might strengthen our immune systems? The immune system has a purpose which it struggles to fulfil under modern diet and fitness conditions.

Apropos diet. In the previous post the lady explains how her children were lacking in aminos which was corrected and that they also reacted to junk food. Please don’t believe that you have to go to fast food outlets to obtain junk food. Let me tell you that you need to search further than your local supermarket if you are looking for quality and additive-free items throughout your diet. Everyone who doesn’t read labels is consuming junk food. All those familiar brand names do not necessarily mean quality.

While I select the items I purchase from supermarkets it never fails to amaze me how shopping trolleys are piled high with pseudo healthy items. Low-fat, low-sugar etc. Please read the labels.

It pains me to hear of so many people dependent on medication when some adjustments to their diets might well throw light on other issues. Some years ago a neurologist prescribed Ritalin for my daughter. I instinctively knew it was the wrong thing to do. I read the package insert and binned the stuff. She is now a highly successful lady. What would have happened if she had spent years on psychopharma? I can’t say any more than that because dear old Big Pharma ensures that people are effectively muzzled.

Free country?




While we may be far from happy with reportage in the local media we all know that the BBC is not renowned as a provider of objective  coverage of climate change and EU issues. How often do we hear balanced reports on these subjects? With only one side of the story provided how can we hope to make up our minds about the truth of the matter? (Thank goodness for alternative media sources).

Christopher Booker, one of the few journalists in conventional media who is not afraid to swim against the tide, points out how BBC angles on news items have proved to be dubious:

But in each of these important fields where dissent has been treated as thought crime, the world has moved on – and very much as the heretics were urging for so long. The global warming scare has not continued to unfold as projected by those bent computer models on which it rested. Temperatures have not risen as predicted, the ice caps aren’t melting, nor sea levels rising, nor hurricanes, droughts and heatwaves intensifying as we were assured they would.

Similarly, as we watch the euro undergoing its catastrophe, for precisely the reasons that the dissenters foretold, it is fascinating to see the disarray in which this leaves the cheerleaders for the cause. We recall the days when the BBC obsessively promoted calls for Britain to join the euro; when Evan Davis, in 2002, was telling us how the euro had made Greece financially “stable”; or when Stephanie Flanders, in 2008, derided those who thought the euro would “crash and burn” and proclaimed that its role as a global currency was now “secure”.


Just who are these people who believe they have exclusive rights to the truth and who dismiss sceptics as being guilty of thought crime? Do we hear local media querying the climate change dogma  – or is it accepted as sacrosanct?


So the Chief Minister is now echoing the predictions made long ago in non-conventional media. While the boom was at its peak we were told by those who seem to know that the bottom would fall out of the banking industry and that the Euro would be the first currency to go to the wall. Now the CM is preparing us for the worst it seems.

A very down-to-earth retired bank worker told me today that she believed the system would go down as has been predicted for years. She claimed that it has been known for a long time and that she couldn’t see things turning around. This would of course not be very good news – but let’s face the real news.

With an economy based primarily on financial products this is certainly not what the Isle of Man wants to hear. (Some years ago I tried to convince some of our ministers that encouraging a variety of revenue sources might be prudent but it seemed to me that the financial boom had made them deaf to suggestions that there could ever be an end to money, money, money). As usual the electorate suffers for any lack of foresight on the part of politicians. There again we really must stop behaving like serfs and start asking questions – and keep asking questions until we get answers.

One burning question is surely the fact that we appear to continue to copy and paste EU/UK legislation and also continue to accept the associated costs  of doing this. Why? If we are really to put up the barricades and turn the island into a financially flourishing fortress then surely one of the items we really don’t need is the habit of adopting alien legislation. This is not without cost implications and the reasons for doing this have yet to be explained.


In Tuesday’s Keys sitting Mrs Beecroft is questioning the present situation on Ritalin prescriptions. Any discussion of this subject has to be welcomed. While natural supplements are subjected to ever-increasing scrutiny and controls strong medication is seldom the subject of investigation.

All the more encouraging then to note that Zak Hall is questioning the present guidelines on vitamin D.  With children slathered in sunlotion and “protected” from the sun cases of rickets are on the increase in the UK – rickets is caused by lack of vitamin D. The sun is our main and accessible source of this vitamin. Vitamin D is vital for immune system function.

These questions have to be good news.



It’s encouraging to hear Claire Christian remind Tynwald members of their duties. Referring to attendance and voting duties she commented:

This is a core part of the responsibilities which are imposed on us by virtue of election to this place


Some might comment that Mrs Christian hasn’t actually been elected by the public in any case. But she does remind us of the responsibilities members hold. They work for us! We are the shareholders.

Some members use the Manx address of “sherveishagh” – servant. Now if our servants mismanaged the accounting then we should be given an insight into how this occurred. On the other hand – who do they serve? Answers welcome.



We say no but we get it anyway.

Do you also find the latest consultation on police powers somehow reminiscent of the introduction of the child database? Prior to its introduction the minister announced at a public meeting that lack of funding had resulted in the database plans being pulled. This was then given a slightly different spin of “having listened to the public”. Whatever the reason the result was relief. Short-lived relief, as it happens because a database and accompanying “new working practices” were slipped in at the very end of the term of government and guess what? It cost half a million. So we didn’t have the money/ did listen to the public and ultimately went ahead with it anyway and had to apply for half a million to cover the costs. 

Justice Bill was facilitated?

The Justice Bill also created waves and resulted in a commission of enquiry into the processes leading up to the introduction of the Bill. It seemed that neither the minister nor his advisor ( named specifically – not a figment of my imagination) could answer all the questions and ultimately the Chief Constable seemed to be the only person to be able to respond to certain issues raised. This left us wondering who was really introducing legislation. The minister actually told us that he was a “facilitator”.

Yet another example of copy and paste?

Could it be that the latest proposals on police powers relate to items that were queried the first time round? It’ s a lengthy document so I can’t vouch for this being the case but the measures do include:  

Greater powers of seizure, taking of DNA samples and recording interviews


The consultation document includes a nice little preamble about our low-crime jurisdiction and leaves the impression that adopting the measures is essential if we are to achieve international respect. The usual stuff. More hoops to jump through and still we are reported as a known place of money laundering. But is this really about our reputation or is it about adopting UK policy which has originated in the EU? It almost appears that we have no choice about these things and that they are introduced one way or another. Our legislation is assuming an uncanny resemblance to EU legislation. I wonder why?


According to today’s Examiner it has been suggested that mothballing of the Gaiety Theatre and Villa should be considered. A reduction of services at Ramsey Cottage Hospital is also on the cards. Not to mention removing the pension supplement! These suggestions emanate from a report from an independent review team.

Am I the only one who finds the public cuts raise questions? Yes, I know – we are short of nine digit sums and the money has to come from somewhere. But no-one has yet revealed how we and the UK could have been so catastrophically wrong in our VAT calculations. Why was a second round  never questioned and why did we have no stats of our own to defend our corner. I seem to recall that any mention of querying this situation was immediately countered by the retort that this would be a useless exercise. Get over it?

Well, I don’t see it that way and I wonder how many do. We are accepting cuts in the midst of a worldwide downturn and consider this an acceptable response. However, the fact is that it is the VAT issue that is the cause of our hardship. Yet it seems no-one is to be held responsible for the resulting cuts in various departmental budgets and the resulting difficulties this is causing. If we don’t know how this monumental mismanagement occurred how can we hope to prevent similar things happening again? And could it be that those responsible are still holding nice cushy government jobs while others are being asked to accept budget cuts?