It is important to note that the European Commission, an unelected body, has the power to make law ……..without recourse to either the European Parliament or the Council of Ministers. The UK Parliament, our MP’s, now only create on their own initiative something in the region of 15% of the laws that pass through Westminster. All other laws and Statutory Instruments are in furtherance of laws that have been made in Brussels …. – very informative.

So let’s just put this together again: The EC, an unelected body, has the power to legislate wihout consulting parliaments or ministers. MPs now only create around 15% of legislation going through Westminster. The rest (around 85% ) emanates from Brussels. I wonder if MPs have taken an 85% pay cut then? So this is the basis for the euphemism “harmonising UK and EU legislation.”?

Wouldn’t that mean that the EU is calling the shots and that the UK has effectively lost its sovereignty? Not to worry – the Isle of Man is not a part of the EU. We are permitted to trade under Protocol 3. That’s all right then. Except for the fact that we are “copying and pasting” UK legislation, and only around 15% of that did not originate from an unelected body in Brussels. Why do we adopt seemingly unnecessary and inappropriate UK legislation? Well, once it enters the system through an opaque process  it could still fall by the wayside. Thank goodness we have those helpful, well-intentioned unknown advisors, with unknown backgrounds and unknown financial and political interests, to tell our ministers what to do advise our ministers.



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