In my previous article, Gaia’s Gurus, I described how many of the leaders of the modern green movement frequently refer to the earth as a sentient super-organism called Gaia. While researching the biographies of these environmental leaders I was very surprised to discover that many of them are members of an organization called the Club of Rome (CoR). I was even more surprised to discover that the entire manifesto of the Global Green Agenda is laid out in the reports and books published by this Club. They believe that modern industrial society is “crucifying Gaia” and “our only hope is to transform humanity into an interdependent global sustainable Earth Community, based on reverence and respect for Gaia.” They refer to this transformation as the First Global Revolution.

In order to achieve this global transformation the members of the CoR have established a network of interlinked organizations focused on various aspects of their agenda. If you examine the biographies of prominent CoR members and then look at the organizations they have founded you will find they are stacked full of other CoR members. Dozens of foundations, councils, societies, and think-tanks state that their ‘mission’ is to consider new forms of governance, sustainability and global consciousness, but when you check their list of members they all contain the same core group of people!




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