There is yet another highly interesting question in tomorrow’s sitting, tabled by Zak Hall.

The Hon. Member for Onchan (Mr Hall) to ask the Minister for Infrastructure:

In what cases since 21st February 2012 (i) Government Departments; (ii) planning officers; (iii) the Planning Committee; and (iv) planning appeal inspectors took account of the draft planning policy statement on planning and the economy and his instructions in his Budget speech that when determining planning applications and appeals they should look favourably on applications which may not be in accordance with the development plan or which may not be in strict accordance with the Strategic or Area plan?



  1. Answer:
    All those individuals and bodies whose responsibilities include the consideration and/or determination of planning applications have, in so far as I am aware, been mindful of my contribution to the budget debate and the draft Planning Policy Statement in the consideration of every application that has been considered since that date. However, the substance of that speech has only been material so far in regard to the determination of the application at Ballavartyn Equestrian facility, where in making it’s decision the Planning Committee has taken account of written advice on economic benefits provided by the Department of Economic Development, alongside other material planning considerations.
    The Planning Application referred to is 12/00028/B

    Worth reading the detail in the Minutes of the Planning Committee Meeting 16.04.12
    Officers recommendation was refusal, but influence exerted by DOI representations for acceptance!

    It’s on Page 9

    • The link is much appreciated WRT. DOI appears to have successfully turned things around. It would be interesting to know how the figures are arrived at – especially tourist industry related figures. Am posting your comment on the blog itself to ensure it is not overlooked.

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