According to today’s Examiner it has been suggested that mothballing of the Gaiety Theatre and Villa should be considered. A reduction of services at Ramsey Cottage Hospital is also on the cards. Not to mention removing the pension supplement! These suggestions emanate from a report from an independent review team.

Am I the only one who finds the public cuts raise questions? Yes, I know – we are short of nine digit sums and the money has to come from somewhere. But no-one has yet revealed how we and the UK could have been so catastrophically wrong in our VAT calculations. Why was a second round  never questioned and why did we have no stats of our own to defend our corner. I seem to recall that any mention of querying this situation was immediately countered by the retort that this would be a useless exercise. Get over it?

Well, I don’t see it that way and I wonder how many do. We are accepting cuts in the midst of a worldwide downturn and consider this an acceptable response. However, the fact is that it is the VAT issue that is the cause of our hardship. Yet it seems no-one is to be held responsible for the resulting cuts in various departmental budgets and the resulting difficulties this is causing. If we don’t know how this monumental mismanagement occurred how can we hope to prevent similar things happening again? And could it be that those responsible are still holding nice cushy government jobs while others are being asked to accept budget cuts?



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