Following the Ritalin revelations – which don’t appear to have been covered by local media – there is a glaring question. Why has this happened? Are we really seeing three times the amount of ADHD children? Is there a new culture of prescribe-and-keep-parents- happy? Or is Ritalin being used off-label for some purpose? Klartext: Prescribing more frequently than before.  Three times the amount of children on psychopharma in a period of five years and no-one finds it strange?

Did we hear the minister suggesting we should look for reasons? Isn’t it strange that the medical profession appears to love to have us all pill-popping and fully vaccinated with whatever the latest wonder vaccine happens to be yet seldom, if ever, suggests how we might strengthen our immune systems? The immune system has a purpose which it struggles to fulfil under modern diet and fitness conditions.

Apropos diet. In the previous post the lady explains how her children were lacking in aminos which was corrected and that they also reacted to junk food. Please don’t believe that you have to go to fast food outlets to obtain junk food. Let me tell you that you need to search further than your local supermarket if you are looking for quality and additive-free items throughout your diet. Everyone who doesn’t read labels is consuming junk food. All those familiar brand names do not necessarily mean quality.

While I select the items I purchase from supermarkets it never fails to amaze me how shopping trolleys are piled high with pseudo healthy items. Low-fat, low-sugar etc. Please read the labels.

It pains me to hear of so many people dependent on medication when some adjustments to their diets might well throw light on other issues. Some years ago a neurologist prescribed Ritalin for my daughter. I instinctively knew it was the wrong thing to do. I read the package insert and binned the stuff. She is now a highly successful lady. What would have happened if she had spent years on psychopharma? I can’t say any more than that because dear old Big Pharma ensures that people are effectively muzzled.

Free country?




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